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Ashlee21I have meet some super hot phone sex boyfriends this past week I feel like I have hit the lotto or something. It has been so much fun getting to know my new friend ,what they like,what the don’t like, it definetly makes for a super hot call when you both know each other a little better and discuss about your likes and dislikes. For Example:

Tone loves to have a finger fucking his hot ass while I am sucking him off. Wow that man can really shoot a huge load. He damn near chocked me with all his hot stuff. Not that I am complaining one bit, this girl loves the taste of cum. Randy is a old fashion type of guy and he made sure I was pleased before he was. How sweet and considerate he is. He made sure I was barely able to walk by the time he was done with me. Both of these guys did take advantage of the Niteflirt special we have going on right now, since they couldn’t play with their favorite Niteflirt girl they choose to come play with me instead, WOO HOO!! Now George was a stronger man, and he took what he wanted and when he wanted it. I was begging him please for more but nope not til he was ready did he give it to me, BUT when he did,my ass was on fire. MMM thank you Mr. George for teaching me some manners.

Do you have a naughty phone sex fantasy you would like to share with me? I would love to hear what you like and I don’t like. I want to get to know you so much better. Why don’t you come find me in chat today and let’s see what kinda fantasies we can make happen today. Or better yet give me a call and let’s explore each others bodies together. Isn’t that part of the fun?



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Need Phone Sex?


Did you get a chance to check out the newest special us phonesexbargirls have going on? WOO HOO 20 min calls for the price of 15 for as long as niteflirt is down. We want to be here for you baby to fulfill all your phone sex needs in this time of phonesex crisis. Check out the yummy girls , we have very tasty girls and we all know what we are doing and how to please our lovers.

Thank You Bradfor a wonderful time yesterday!! Was so nice to welcome you back home from your vacation, I am so jealous though I love Alaska. HMM thinking about all the fun we could have had together on that cruise.  Talk about hot times!!!! MUAH honey.


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Bad Bad Bad Girl

Ashlee18Ok I am bending over ready for the punishment I deserve from you for me being so bad and not posting in here for like forever!!! There is no excuse for my behavoir that should be acceptable. I know how much you guys love reading out blogs and keeping up with what we are doing, how naughty we are being, what is going on in out every day lives. I have to admit this last vavation which I was hoping was going to be relaxing just totally drained me so it seemed. The climate change didn’t help either as I came home and got myself a cold. A couple days in bed and seriously being drugged up on Nyquil helped thank god. So I will take my spankings and get back to being the bad girl you all know and love. *smiles*

Whoo Hoo I see cutie Cassidy is back as well . I sure can’t wait to have some kinky threesome phone sex with her. I have missed my sexy friend and I can’t wait to show her. Care to help me welcome her back?


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Hey guys just wanted to let you all know I am going to be on vacation from now until the 5th of Sept. I will be missing all you guys and my sexy phone friends. If I get a chance I will pop in to write you all a little note on how things are and maybe even throw in some teasers or two!! Brad have a wonderful time in Alaska, I hope you enjoy your first cruise as well as Alaska I can’t wait to share vacation stories with you when we both get back.


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Fantasy Dream




He was sitting across the dining room with a group of people, all celebrity wanna-be’s or peeps who was only with him because of his “star power” , you could tell the way they was acting around him. The fake smiles and ass kissing was so apparent, it really was so pathetic and sad. I couldn’t take it anymore watching all them making idiots of themselves, thinking they was going to be the next one in his bed, wishing to be a permanent fixture in his life. Ya ok dream on guys and girls, he really can’t be that blind to not see what was going on, could he?

I got up from my table, feeling sexier and more confident then any of them have ever felt in a life time, looked straight into his eyes, when he turned his head to look at me, how could he not help but notice me in my stunning  clingy red dress that showed off ever curve of my body, the fabric so sheer that I know in the right light you could see through the material to see I had not one stitch of cloth underneath. Yes I was in a wicked naughty mood when I dressed to go out that night. I gave him my “ditch these jerks and come with me look” before I turned and walked out of the room, me head held high knowing there was no way he wasn’t staring at my tight ass, a little smile on my lips, me thinking ok let’s see how long it takes before he comes running to me.

The clicking of my 5 inch stilettos hitting the tile floor as I slithered to the elevator was soon meet with the sound of another set of shoes hitting the tile in a faster pace as mine and my entire body heated up knowing it was “him”. I had succeeded where the others couldn’t tonight, he was going to be in my bed and I was going to make him need me, want me, fuck me everyday, hell, several times a day, for the rest of his life. He was now going to be mine. Yes, it seems like I was a bit over confident,but I am Ashlee I get what I want, when I want it, and that was all there was too it.

We entered the elevator, still not saying a word to each other, the doors closed and I told him which floor, handed him my room key, and told him if he had any plans for the rest of the night be had better cancel them. “You seem pretty sure of yourself” he said. I just looked at him and let him know with my eyes that I was. This poor guy wasn’t going to know what hit him!!

Once inside my room I had turned into the slut he hadn’t been expecting, giving the cool so in control attitude I had been showing him previously. I don’t think there was one button still left on his shirt after I ripped it open, not to mention I am pretty sure I ripped his zipper trying to get his slacks off as well. I was a she- animal in heat, ripping , grabbing, biting, clawing taking my mate, making him mine. ( Sorry guys if you want ALL the naughty details you are going to have to phone me and put yourself in his position. )  Just know that in my dream this secret crush of mine was begging to allow him to stay the rest of the next day with me, and before he knew it he had a ring on my finger and was following me around night and day , knowing at any time I would get the urge in me to turn into the slut he so loved and needed.

This dream got me so turned on as I am usually the submissive one but my mind allowed me to turn the tables and let my inner domme come out and take control of things. Hmm something for me to think about. Do I want to explore this a little more? I do love being taken control of but just maybe I need to switch it up a bit and see what happens? How about some role play switching phone sex? You controlling me and then I decide to turn the tables on you and give you a taste of your own medicine? *giggles* Sounds pretty hot to me.

P.S. Welcome cuties, Cammie and Becca to the Daddy’s Darling Phone Sex site. You two are so adorable and I can’t wait to play with you. *kiss kiss*


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So Bad


I have been so bad about writing here lately that I thought it was only appropriate that I present to you my ass for a hard painful spanking or two. A few of you already know how I love to have my sweet ass spanked, especially when you have me bent over the bed fucking the hell out of my pussy.I think it turns you on alot too as I feel you thrust harder into me  when your hand connects with my bare skin. You like it when I beg for more don’t you?  Yelling that I want to be your slut toy and be used real rough and hard by you.

Come play with your lil toy today, you deserve some play time. Submissive phone sex at its best. *winks*


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Company Free at last !!


It has been a long three weeks for me not having the freedom to have phone sex when I want to, having to cater to my companies schedules and playing tour guide for them. I am bouncing off the walls right now enjoying my alone time and the complete silence of not having to listen to others gossip and complaints about this or that. I am about to burst with the repressed sexual energy I have had since the invasion. You all know how frustrating it is trying to satisfy yourself when you know others are in the house? Having to be quite and not being able to have the wild passionate animal release you so desire!!! SOOO I am going to be hanging out in chat all night seeing what kinda trouble I can get into and I would love for you to come keep me company. I am sure we can come up with a hot fantasy that we need to act on don’t you? Do you need to CUM as badly as I do right now?


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The Beach

WOW what a awesome weekend I had. I hope you all had a great 4th also. I thought I would share some pics I took on the beach, it was so pretty even though it was killer hot out there. I have been messing around with my new camera I am kinda thinking I want to get more into photography,never know maybe I will be famous someday.LOLDSC01002

Fishing boats early in the morning on the 4th in Port Aransas Ship Channel

DSC01009Leaving Corpus Christi Beach going into Corpus ChristiDSC01063

4th of July morning on the beach. So Crowded

Boy I was wore out yesterday had to take a day to just chill in the AC at home and hang out in the cold shower but I have a awesome tan now and I am ready for some playtime. Maybe some spanking phone sex is in order for me. ~Winks~ I wasn’t a good girl on the beach most of the time and probably deserve a good spanking or two for being such a tease. Maybe you seen some girls this weekend that where naughty like me, teasing you,walking around in tiny bikini’s, shaking their lil asses and you need to teach me a lesson like you wanted to do to them? ~Giggles~


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Quick FYI

Hey guys I just wanted to leave you all a quick note to let you know for the next 3 weeks I will be having company staying with me. I will be accepting calls, but not as often as I have been able to . However,  if you send me a email(urlilsecretashlee@yahoo.com) if you don’t see me in chat we can set up a playtime . I am more then likely going to be available mostly in the later evenings and into the late night. I will be checking my emails several times a day and will keep my blogging up to date, so you all can keep in touch as to what I am up to. I do plan on doing alot of shopping and hanging out on the beach. YAY golden brown tan and sexy new clothes. ~Grins~

In the mean time  give the hotties at the phone sex bar a call, they really do know how to show a guy and a girl ~WINKS~ a good time.  Catch you soon Sweeties.


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Happy Fathers Day

Ashlee17Happy Fathers Day all you Daddies out there. I hope you have a wonderful day. Today is your day so take full advantage of it. Here’s a hot idea ~Winks~ Send the wifey and the kiddies out for the day, tell them all you want is some alone me time to rest and relax. Yeah it’s going to cost you a few bucks but isn’t it worth it? When they leave,get yourself a nice cold drink, beverage of your choice, turn on some steamy porn, what is hotter then havingto sexy hot girls making out right in front of you on your special day? HMMonly one thing I couldn’t think of, a slow sensual blow job from one of sexy girls. ~Grins~

We are just the girls to complete your purrfect day.Hell why even settle for one sexy phone sex girl , live on the wild side and take on two!! Now you know two rocking on that hard cock would really make you feel like the luckiest man alive!!

I don’t know about you Daddies but I am all worked up now just thinking about it. I have a idea you are too. ~Grins~ We will be here to help you celebrate your special day. Let’s make it the best Father’s Day yet.


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